Friday, March 18, 2016

Back Beach Wild Horse Tours – Corrolla, NC

One of the most unique things about the Outer Banks, in addition to the lighthouses, beaches, award-winning restaurants, shops, and vast outdoor activities, is the fact that it is home to the Corolla Wild Horses. During your next visit with us we suggest taking a Wild Horse Tour to see these beautiful animals up close.

Back Beach Wild Horse Tours start from Corolla and take you right to the herd’s native habitat. Experience them first hand in an open air Safari-style vehicle and listen to the guides share all about the history of the area and the horses. Watching the herd of wild Spanish Mustangs run free along the beach is a special sight to see and one you won’t forget. These tours are fun and safe for the whole family. Feel the wind in your hair as you ride down sandy roads and over dunes in the wild, open area. The tours run five times a day starting in March and continue through November.

The two-hour open air Safari Tour costs $49 for adults, $34 for 12 and under, and $15 for three and younger. Those prices are for Memorial Day through Labor Day, which is peak season on the banks. Outside of those dates the costs go down slightly. You can book directly online and they often offer coupons on their website so be sure to check before booking!

Aside from sharing about this fun horse tour, we wanted to make sure we highlighted the history and preservation of these horses. They arrived with the early Spanish explorers in the 1500s and were abandoned when the explorers met resistance from natives and had to flee. The wild horses remained free and mostly undisturbed until the 1980s when a paved road was built through to Corolla. When this road was completed and traffic increased, the horses began to be hit by cars. In 1989 the Corolla Wild Horse Fund was created and they worked tirelessly to get the permissions and money needed to build a a sound-to-sea fence, install a cattle guard, and move the horses north. There has been a lot of effort over the years to protect these horses and today they roam free on 7.544 acres. These incredible horses aren't fully protected though and the smaller herd size poses a danger to its survival. If the number drops below 110, they could be at a high risk for being devastated completely - whether by hurricane, flood, fire, drought, or even disease. It would be an absolute shame to see them gone forever so if you are interested in joining forces in helping to protect these wild animals, please click here to learn how you can get involved.

Corolla is about an hour away from our bed and breakfast and many clients combine the wild horse tour with other activities in the area to make a full day of exploring! Some places we suggest checking out are the Currituck Beach Lighthouse and Museum, the Whalehead Hunt Club Historic Tour, and the Corolla Wildlife Museum. They are all located in the same area so you can hop from one to another very easily.

After your day full of adventure you can come back to your suite and relax with a glass of wine or cup of coffee. What a great way to spend the day! Book an amazing spring getaway online today—you will truly love it here!

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