Friday, August 1, 2014

4WD and Wild Horses on the Beaches of Carova, NC

The natural beaches of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore are just miles and miles of rolling sand dunes with all kinds of wildlife dotting the land, see and sky. Those of us fortunate to call this piece of paradise home simply can’t keep it a secret - we want everyone to know what a special place we have here in Manteo, NC. Surrounding the White Doe Inn is a host of fun places to go, delicious restaurants to try and adventures to be had. The beaches around us provide a serene place for a sunset walk, the playground for a family frisbee game and a soft place to rest your head while reading your favorite book. They also are the perfect place to go on an exciting 4WD adventure.

The beaches of Carova, north of Corolla are 4WD accessible-a place for driving enthusiasts to explore miles of shoreline. In addition to being just a fun thing to do, driving on the beach actually started as a means to get to some of the Outer Banks beaches. Before NC Highway 12 was built all the way to Corolla, following the sandy paths was the only way for visitors to get there. You can take your vehicle and explore until you find that perfect beach spot to spend the day. 

While you are north of Carova in your 4WD vehicle, you just may encounter one of the most well known and beloved residents of the area; the Corolla Wild Horses. These wild and beautiful horses, which have been stranded on the Outer Banks for centuries have been protected and allowed to thrive despite the development in the area. They are truly magnificent and while you will probably only get close enough to snap a picture, they are a true picture of beauty in nature. Always keep your eyes open--you never know when a few may be enjoying the beach right around the corner. 

The White Doe Inn in Manteo is perfectly located giving you access to all of the local activities. Whether it is just a one-night stop over, weekend getaway or a long family vacation, our home away from home has all of the amenities for a comfortable and relaxing retreat. We just want to warn you...once you come here are your eyes are opened to new beauty and experiences, you may not want to leave! Contact us today at (800) 473-6091 for reservation information. See you out in the sun and sand! 

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