Thursday, September 27, 2012

IZZE has landed at

the white doe inn

Everything about IZZE is pure and simple. A phrase used to describe a stay at The White Doe Inn. The taste is a delight with just the right combination of sweetness and sparkle, a perfect flavor for your taste buds leading up to your gourmet breakfast served at The White Doe Inn. The ingredients are all natural, using only fruit juice and sparkling water with no refined sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavors, something we believe in with everything we promote at The White Doe Inn.

The staff here at The White Doe Inn is very excited about introducing IZZE to our inn and having it available in our gift shop. IZZE is just the beginning of new items being offered this fall at The White Doe Inn.

As the weather gets cooler and days get shorter our guests can cozy up in their bedchamber by the fireplace and enjoy a special something from our “Light Fare” menu along with a select bottle of wine. The “Light Fare” menu would also serve well if you were planning a day trip to the beach, sailing on the beautiful waters of Shallowbag Bay or returning from a day trip north or south. The “Lite Fare” menu is a nice option to a busy day.

Fall on Roanoke Island is the perfect island getaway to relax at The White Doe Inn and visit nearby attractions, The Elizabethan Gardens, The Island Farm, NC Aquarium, Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center at the north end and of course the Roanoke Island Festival Park.

Start planning your fall island getaway, make reservations on-line at or call 1-800-473-6091. Come Izze at The White Doe Inn.


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