Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Bump in the Night" by A.P. Gallagher

Take a Closer look at the picture ... what do you see?
The White Doe Inn was known as the Theodore Meekins Home and is one of the most photographed homes on Roanoke Island. Originally built as a story and a half in 1898, it was finished in 1910 as a Queen Ann Victorian style home. It was lovingly restored by Bebe & Robert Woody in 1995.

I have been working at The White Doe Inn for the past 12 years now. I have to say in that time many strange things have been witnessed by staff and guests alike. It only seems to be in the off-season when the house becomes quieter and less hectic that we really notice these things. Not to say the house is haunted, but there are some things that happen that are peculiar and may indicate that some house guests just keep coming back. It used to start with one certain closet door, it opened on its own. The closet had a very distinct sound as it opened and when it did open on its own you could even hear the latch click. We have since removed the door and made the closet into a wine pantry. Then there are the CD players. It's like a game we play, which room is playing music this morning? No one has been in the Inn for the past few nights yet music is playing in one of the rooms. We search it out, turn it off, check all the other rooms and tomorrow music will be playing in another room regardless.

One December afternoon the owner and I were standing at the bottom of the staircase talking and the sound of a door shutting came from above. She asked me who else was in the house to which I replied "Just you and me." Lights turn on and off, empty rooms page the front desk and don't think for a moment that the oddities only happen when night falls. Ask my housekeeping staff of the occasional shadow lurking in a doorway or disappearing down the hall.

I am not saying the house has ghosts, it is after all a very old house. Old houses have sounds, even if it is a tune being lightly whistled, doors that never really quite shut no matter how many times you check it. I would like to think someone was watching over this eloquent old home and all of us that work here. We are a romantic bed and breakfast and pride ourselves in the service we provide our guests. Should you decide you would like to enjoy a quiet reprieve please come visit us. We'll do our best to make sure nothing goes bump in the night.

This Halloween Special Treat ...

Fireside Stories with "Dary the Seanachie"
Saturday October 30th, 2010

Guests staying this weekend will be treated to stories to the likes that have never been heard. We will be taken on a journey by "Darby the Seanachie" (a traditional Irish Storyteller) as we sit around the outdoor fire, sip hot mulled wine and roast marshmallows. Call 800.473.691 and make your reservations today.

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