Saturday, November 14, 2009

Holiday Open House

Kim & Wes Stetson and Anne Pond are opening up their new and exciting shoppe for a special Holiday Open House. All kinds of wonderful and unusual gifts for that special Christmas present. There will be a wine tasting as well to present some of the fine wines that are available. Lots of great pick-me-up gifts for last minute shoppers! Check out the invitation below and join us for a delightful event! This year we are encouraging folks to shop at home ... save the driving and expense of traveling out of town.

Photographer Kristi Midgette will be available to shoot holiday pictures on Friday and Saturday from 10 am - 4 pm. Santa will be visiting on Saturday from 10 am - 4 pm. So if you prefer to have Santa in the photo bring in your children or pets and get that special photo memory. The Picture Package includes two 5x7 pictures. Price: $50.00

Special Invitation to the Holiday Open House hosted by Kim & Wes Stetson and Anne Pond at the Holiday House on Highway 64 across from the Christmas Shop in Manteo, NC.

Hurricane Ida??? ... In November?

Who would have guessed! For those of us living in this land of wonder and surprises we had (so they say) a hurricane this past weekend. For most of us it was just a really good Nor'easter. The folks at The White Doe Inn are all safe and sound. Lots of rain and enough wind to make the gardens and yard a real mess.

Unfortunately, further south Highway 12 did wash out and traffic was stopped for a couple of days. At the moment it is scheduled to open late Sunday afternoon. This too is routine ... after all how do you keep Mother Nature from tossing up the bountiful ocean waters at high tide? It is a part of the dynamic process that the chosen few living here recognize and appreciate. Since the beginning formation of these islands along the coast of North Carolina it has been nature's way of continuing their existence. The waters wash over the islands to the west side carrying with it sand that builds to the westward. Through the years man has attempted to control and make static these islands for development, roads, etc. But, in the end, Mother Nature comes around several times a year knocking on our shores to let us know that she is still in charge and to take notice!

Storms in our area also have a way of clearing the air. Once past, the weather usually becomes clear, sunny and beautiful. So, come on down and enjoy the beautiful weather and look for the treasures that have also been tossed along the shoreline for us to enjoy.